Transnational meeting in Barcelona

On the 21st and 22nd of March 2022, the consortium met in Barcelona for a transnational meeting hosted by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and organised by Oncins.

Gabriele Sauberer from ECQA, Armony Altinier and Clément Garénaux from Koena were also there in person. Tracey Mehigan from DCU alas had to stay in Ireland and participated remotely, as well as Amy Khairalla and Aude-Sophie Hervas from Koena, who participate in the creation of training materials.

Photo of Gabriele Sauberer, Armony Altinier, Clément Garénaux Oncins and Tracey Mehigan - JPEG - 803.1 kb

This was the first international in person meeting in the project since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Agenda and results

The consortium met to decide on the actions to be taken to complete the project in time after the withdrawal of Normandie Université.

The consortium had to give up on the Mediators in Accessibility for Children course and to focus on the beginner level. This led to the redesign of the skills card.

The format of the evaluation, the duration of validity of the certification and its renewal have been validated.

The final tasks for the article “Demystifying Digital Accessibility and Fostering Inclusive Mindsets. Compliance with the European Standard for Digital Accessibility EN 301 549” were distributed among the partners and the conditions for participation in the EuroSPI conference were clarified.

The meeting was also an opportunity to consolidate the team, as it was the first time, Gabriele and Clément met.